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A wedding in the middle of the sea: dreams come true

Wedding planning is difficult. And what if the bride wants to say “yes” literally in the middle of the sea?! Elegant photos of the “mermaid wedding of a dream” convince that everything is possible – you just need to want.

Susan Zaimos and her fiance Giovanni are residents of Boston. Both are diving fans. They conceived such a wedding on the sandy shallows in the Caribbean a long time ago, but when they began to draw up a plan, it literally yelled: “It’s impossible, you will not do it, it’s too difficult!”. And they almost despaired

But then a daring photographer appeared who urged them to try. “The idea to hold a ceremony in the water is incredible, – Saul Tamargo says, the official wedding photographer. – I admired the chic views, but the reality surpassed all my expectations”.

In the Mexican town Cozumel a couple and almost a hundred guests were moved to two ships and a catamaran to get to the El Cielo shoal. The bride was dressed in a magnificent pink dress for the ceremony, and in total she had five dresses.

Photographers faced the difficult task of underwater filming. They took three cameras in waterproof boxes, two without them, and also a quadrocopter with a camera. Sol’s assistant shot without protection from water, and at one moment she was swept by a wave.

But thanks to the fact that she lifted the camera over her head, the equipment was not damaged. Solo had to put on fins, a mask and scuba gear to capture the highlights of the wedding, for example, exchange rings under the water.

In total 8 photographers, videographers and “drones” operators participated in the filming. The bride, who called herself a mermaid, was happy. The cost of the underwater ceremony is kept secret, but, according to the estimates of enthusiasts, the total costs exceeded 100 thousand dollars. As a result, everyone liked the wedding, and the photos are worth looking at and reviewing!

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